Motor Vehicle Law

Prosecutions for motor vehicle violations are the most common prosecutions in the State of New Hampshire. From speeding tickets to driving while intoxicated, convictions of motor vehicle violations have the known penalties such as fines and loss of license but there are other ramifications that an unwary motorist can fall prey to.

New Hampshire has a point system license loss which varies based upon age of the motorist and the point level of the offense. As few as two convictions can cause an additional loss of license that the motorist will not discover until it is too late.

There is also the habitual offender certification action. Here, the Department of Motor Vehicles will revoke a driver’s privilege to drive for anywhere from one to four years based upon having the requisite number of convictions is a five year period. People are usually surprised at how easy it is to become certified.

And there is the liability insurance penalty. Your insurance company can cancel your coverage or dramatically increase your insurance premium based on a single conviction.

Moir Law can help. We know the ins and outs of both the court process and the Department of Motor Vehicle administrative process. For more information, call and set up an appointment.