Practice Areas

Criminal Law

James Moir has been representing citizens accused of criminal offenses for a combined total of more that forty years. From first degree murder to speeding tickets, they have appeared in every court in the State successfully representing clients. Belo… Read More


The crime of arson carries severe penalties in the State of New Hampshire. A person is guilty of Arson if that person knowingly starts a fire or causes an explosion that unlawfully damages the property of another. Depending what property is damaged o… Read More

Assault Offenses

New Hampshire laws define several types of assault offenses that carry a variety of punishments. Assault charges can arise from a broad range of incidents, from domestic violence between two well-acquainted people to shooting, punching and stabbing i… Read More


Murder is among the most serious of criminal charges, and the risks of a long-term prison sentence and even capital punishment are real. Many criminal defense law firms are consequently reluctant to handle homicide cases and have handled just a few c… Read More

Restraining Order Violations

People are often surprised by just how easy it is to obtain a restraining order. Oftentimes, domestic abuse injunctions or harassment injunctions are granted based solely on one person’s word over another. Having a restraining order against you… Read More

Sex Crimes

Building Upon Our Reputation by Drawing on It Effective criminal defense often boils down to your attorney’s reputation. If your lawyer is known as an attorney who won’t hesitate to bring your case to court and has won hundreds of jury tr… Read More


Exercising control of another person’s property, with the intention of stealing, is theft. ‘Theft’ is a broad term for all crimes in which a person intentionally and fraudulently takes the property of another without permission or c… Read More

Weapon Charges

Each state considers weapons charges as serious crimes. A conviction could result in potential jail time, excessive fines, loss of rights to carry a firearm and other mandatory sentences. There are a number of restrictions based around the possession… Read More

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is aggressively prosecuted in the state of New Hampshire and these types of cases pose unique challenges. For instance, in New Hampshire police officers invariably arrest someone once they are called out to a domestic violence scene… Read More

Drug Offenses

Have you been charged with drug possession in New Hampshire? Legal consequences can include a criminal record and jail time. It’s important that you obtain experienced legal assistance to avoid fines, stay out of jail and retain your driverR… Read More

Motor Vehicle Law

Prosecutions for motor vehicle violations are the most common prosecutions in the State of New Hampshire. From speeding tickets to driving while intoxicated, convictions of motor vehicle violations have the known penalties such as fines and loss of l… Read More


A drunk driving conviction in New Hampshire can lead to jail time, the loss of driving privileges, fines, community service, mandatory substance abuse treatment and a criminal record. Felony drunk driving charges can lead even more severe penalties.… Read More

Moving Violations

Moving violations such as speeding, line violations, reckless and negligent driving all have consequences that you may not anticipate. Besides fines and loss of license, often insurance companies will increase your liability rates for several years o… Read More

Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured we can help. Getting into a Auto Accident or other serious personal injury can be an emotionally challenging and stressful experience. Moir Law, PLLC can help to relive this stress by providing you with the legal help you nee… Read More

Juvenile Law

Children make mistakes, and oftentimes, they don’t have the maturity to appreciate how their actions can affect the rest of their lives. A common misconception in juvenile cases are that juvenile offenses are not taken seriously. This is simply… Read More