Domestic Assault - Disorderly Conduct

Domestic violence is aggressively prosecuted in the state of New Hampshire and these types of cases pose unique challenges. For instance, in New Hampshire police officers invariably arrest someone once they are called out to a domestic violence scene. The problem is that these situations are rarely black and white. Emotions are usually running high, things may get exaggerated, or issues of self defense may exist.

In addition, prosecutors can (and often do) pursue domestic violence charges without due consideration of whether a victim wants to "press charges" or not. Too often prosecutors assume that if an alleged victim does not want to pursue charges it's only because he/she wants to protect their loved one, when in fact, the truth may be that the incident didn't happen the way it's described in the police reports.

Domestic Violence Convictions Can Result in Serious Consequences

Our attorneys understand that domestic violence cases are complicated and have implications for families that go far beyond any single incident. Not to mention, a criminal conviction for a domestic violence related offense can result in harsh punishments and unforeseen consequences, such as the inability to have contact with loved ones for extended periods of time and the loss of the right to possess a firearm forever. In addition, a domestic violence conviction could also negatively impact child placement issues in family court.

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