Drug Possession Offenses

Have you been charged with drug possession in New Hampshire? Legal consequences can include a criminal record and jail time. It's important that you obtain experienced legal assistance to avoid fines, stay out of jail and retain your driver's license.

The attorneys of Moir Law, PLLC, have successfully handled hundreds of drug possession cases for clients including addicts, high school students and professionals. We have achieved countless acquittals and dismissals of charges for cases ranging from those involving the one-time use of drugs to cases involving a long history of drug use and abuse and multiple charges.

We prepare every case for trial, and we believe the way to succeed in a drug possession charge is to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength. We have handled hundreds of jury trials and can build a creative defense based on a number of factors, including:

Your individual history and background. Was this a one-time violation? Do you have a criminal record? If you are addicted to an illegal drug, are you currently fighting to kick the addiction?

Was your search or vehicle stop legal, and what is the strength of the prosecution's case? If law enforcement officials didn't have a valid reason to search you or pull you over, the evidence gathered may be inadmissible. We can also question whether statements and confessions were voluntary and whether the drugs in question were really yours.

Judges and juries understand that no one is immune from drug use and addiction, and juries understand that if there is a reasonable doubt regarding your guilt, an acquittal is in order. Our negotiation and trial skills and commitment to our clients' rights have resulted in positive results for numerous clients.

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